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Low Back Pain Program


This program is designed for Non-specific Low Back Pain. This means that there's no clear mechanism of injury or trauma that caused your pain - your low back just hurts! This program is great for any active or sedentary individual that has been suffering from low back pain (acute and chronic). In this program, we go into depth on many factors that could be a potential factor in causing your overall pain / discomfort. This program consists of 3 different phases for treating low back pain. These phases include: 1) Phase 1A: Identify & Minimize Physical Triggers 2) Phase 1B: Developing a Fitness Foundation 3) Phase 2: Loading the Fitness Foundation Some emphasis of focus include: Testing your Movement Intolerance (Flexion, Extension, or load intolerance), Diaphragmatic breathing and learning how to brace the core correctly with Intra-abdominal pressure, Hip mobility, Thoracic mobility, Core stability, Hip hinge mechanics, Glute activation, and Loaded resistance training. Since the duration of low back pain varies greatly amongst each individual, this is a self-paced course! It is designed to be performed inside a gym that has access to all gym equipment such as: Kettlebells (KB's), Dumbbells (DB's), bands, turf area, pvc/dowel, benches / box, sled, etc. Cancel anytime you want and receive a Free trial to start!



Low Back Pain Program, $49.00/month
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